Aldinga came alive tonight firstly with Chair Hazel Wainwright and Committee Member Leonie Hick, of ABBTA who ran the drinks stall at the Halloween Bike Ride at the Aldinga Bike Kitchen with Christiana Griffith and others. Many community members turned up including local artist, Anton Hart. 

Then, at Peppertree with the most extraordinary of characters. Spearheaded by Mark and Tanya Crago and as always throbbing with live music. Visitors included Ron Kandelaars of Postcards fame and his wife Deb, whom it is rumored has a new book coming out. 
This is Aldinga at its finest; quirky, celebratory, community-minded and fully alive in the kindest, most ineffable  and ghoulish ways imaginable.
Outside Aldinga Bike Kitchen
On the wall of Home Grain Bakery…
Hazel Wainwright & Martin Howells
Three Happy Halloweeners
Hazel Wainwright
One of the more fearsome bike riders…
Halloween on wheels!
Leonie Hick & Hazel Wainwright – proof that being a volunteer helps you live longer!
Christiana Griffith talks to the skull bicycle man…
Halloween Night Poster for Pepper Tree Café Aldinga!
In front of the Pepper Tree stage
Deb & Ron Kandelaars, of Postcards fame
Creepy Character #1
Creepy Character #2
A Clown…?