Chairperson – Hazel Wainwright
Vice Chair – Debbie Hutchison
Secretary – Martin Howells
Treasurer – to be selected from committee at next meeting

Public Officer: Susan Benger


Roma Howells
Matt Rycroft
Steven Eigen
Lindsey Moore
Leonie Hick
The Returning Officer was Ron Logan.

Attending were: Hazel Wainwright, Martin Howells, Debbie Hutchison, Jess Sweet, Lindsey Moore, Glenn Hickling, Paloma Concierta, Donna Walsh, Julie Vandersluys, Robyn Smith, Leonie Hick, Charmain Gordon, Anne Chittleborough, Jillian Davis, David Munzberg, Janice Munzberg, Haydon Manning, Leigh Dick-Read, Susan Benger, Ron Logan, Jan Logan, Bernice Wuttke, Ian Renshaw and Matt Rycroft.

The food was courtesy of Urban Fusion Aldinga.

Ian Renshaw of Rotary spoke about two of their projects and Jess Sweet described the Fleurieu Future Leaders Course.